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Deposit Refund

How much is each container worth?

All beverage containers in Alberta are accepted at bottle depots for a refund of the 10 cent or 25 cent deposit paid on them in stores. One Litre and less will return the 10 cent deposit and over one Litre will return the 25 cent deposit!

 under one litre beer bottle image
1L and Less = 10 ¢
over one litre bottle image
Over 1L = 25 ¢

Bottle Return Calculator

Number of Containers 1L and Less:

Number of Containers Over 1L:

Total Return:


What can you return?

Do your part and help take care of our planet by recycling your empties at the Deerfoot Bottle Depot. We accept a large array of recyclable materials including various electronics. Recycling gets money in your pocket and also helps clean up the planet.

For a complete list of what is returnable, visit the BCMB Portal

Not sure what the name of your container is? See below for pictures the most common recyclable containers.

Container Gallery

For a complete list of what is returnable, Please see the BCMB Portal


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